EMEA Global Mobility Business Development Group Meeting

July 7, 2023

We are pleased to confirm the next meeting of the GLOBAL MOBILITY BUSINESS DEVELOPMENT GROUP will take place 7 July in Chatou, at the office of our French member firm Exponens. 

To expose the capabilities of member firms with regard to Global Mobility and to develop a product for the BKR website to show case that capability.

Proposed Agenda: 
1. Brief introductions – new firms
2. Presentation/knowledge sessions to cover:
    a. The services your firm offers in respect of global mobility (set out in the four categories – employment tax, social security, pension and labour legislation, visa/employment law etc)
   b. A simple guide to the tax system in your country, tax breaks/opportunities and hot topics
3. Marketing and working together
4. Any Other Business

Meeting Outcomes:
· 16 summary presentations which can be converted to a web product
· Agreement that we could work together
· Agreement that we need a marketing package to sell the capability
· Agree the next meeting (Virtual in September) should be about that marketing package and guidance for how to work together. 

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