BKR EMEA Board Visit Flynth offices in Amstelveen

Published on January 30, 2020

Andre Buijsman (Flynth), Rui Pinho (Esteves), Iulia Lascau (Argus), Imad Abou Nasr (Abou Nasr) - (L-R)

EMEA Chair Ulrich Viefers (WWS)

The EMEA Board met in the Flynth offices in Amstelveen for their January Board meeting. This gave board members the chance to look at Flynth's new concept for office space that was covered in the September 2019 edition of the EMEA e-Update. They now have a flexible office concept and no employee (even professionals or directors) will have an "own" office.

Board members were impressed by the bright, airy space and the thought that had gone into organising the space for those working in the offices.