BKR Member Profile: Logista (Pretoria)

Published on February 28, 2020

Heinrich Regenass and Jacques Coetzee

Logista: Great for the 4IR 

Logista: Great for the Future 

The Fourth Industrial Revolution (4IR) brings with it many changes. Some industries, like the financial industry, can be completely renewed, and many careers we still know today will fall away as new opportunities are again created. 

However, the management of Logista, a successful auditing firm in Pretoria East, are not worried about the changes that this new era will bring. 

“We are gearing up for the needs of the next generation,” says Heinrich Regenass. He is currently managing director of Logista, but will soon pass the reins to Jacques Coetzee, who is currently one of the directors. 

"It's time to make room for someone with fresh, new ideas."  

Regenass said the decision was not made lightly. 

"We have been doing succession planning for more than two years and have systematically been preparing Jacques for his position as the new managing director." He believes the decision demonstrates the firm's commitment to innovation and change. "We ultimately want to develop a firm that is still relevant in the future. That is why a good succession plan is part of our strategy to remain sustainable as a firm." 

Coetzee praises Regenass for his contribution to the firm's success. 

"He is a very good leader and has already positioned the firm so that we can continue to build the business, based on integrity and trust." 

Fortunately, Regenass will not leave the firm and will continue as a mentor for Coetzee. 

"I will probably play a little more golf and cycle more, but I still want to be part of the firm and continue to assist Coetzee." He will also continue to provide existing loyal clients with sound advice. 

Regenass and Coetzee agree: They are not afraid of the challenges of the Fourth Industrial Revolution. 

“The key to success is the level of adaptability a business can maintain,” says Regenass. “We want to be part of the era where technology is playing a bigger role. I believe people's skills will always be needed to manage systems effectively - it's the collection of information and data management that will become more important, but figures and data mean nothing if an expert can't analyse it." 

Regenass believes Coetzee's international industry experience will come in handy in his new position. 

“This is important to us, seeing as Logista is already a member of BKR International, a global organisation of independent accountants and business advisors. We also want to expand our market further and spread our wings. ” 

The firm is known for the personal attention their clients receive and the high-quality professional services they offer. Over the years, Logista has put together a customisable structure of specialised knowledge that makes it easy for them to meet customer-specific needs. 

The organisation has grown so much in two decades that they are currently one of the market leaders in the industry and boast a long list of satisfied customers in various sectors. Logista's management model consists of seven directors supported by around 60 technical and administrative staff. 

Coetzee looks forward to filling Regenass's shoes. 

“I would like to build on what he has already achieved. We want to remain market leaders and continue to adapt to the rapidly changing business world. With all the new developments come new challenges, but also new opportunities. We are constantly looking for ways to turn the challenges into opportunities. I am happy to continue to learn from one of the best, someone who can think outside of the box and is not afraid to innovate. ” 

Coetzee is convinced that Logista is geared for the future. "We're going to be here for a long time."