BKR support Young Hearts Africa at the EMEA Conference in Cape Town

Published on May 02, 2023

In the spirit of BKR's theme for this year “What will your legacy be?” we organised a charity auction during the EMEA Annual Conference Gala dinner to raise funds for Young Hearts Africa. This amazing charity saves the lives of young children born with congenital heart disease, by offering them the life-saving operations they would not normally be able to access.

We were joined by Dr Wilhelm Lichtenberg, the charity’s founder, who shared insights into the incredible work his charity is doing. Through the amazing generosity of the BKR members at the conference we raised over €12,000 for Young Hearts Africa - in this way, we were able to leave a mark of BKR in Cape Town - our legacy.

A message from Dr Wilhelm Lichtenberg:
“Thank you so much once again for the incredible gesture and the magnificent generosity extended to Young Hearts Africa by yourselves and the BKR community. We are profoundly grateful for your support.”

Find out more about the amazing work by visiting their website