Blick Rothenberg leadership succession

Published on July 14, 2020

Nilesh Shah

Nimesh Shah

On 31 July, Nilesh Shah will be stepping down as CEO of Blick Rothenberg, and will retire from the firm on 31 August. Partner Nimesh Shah (no relation) has become the new CEO to lead the firm through the coming months and years.

Nimesh has been with the firm since 2012. Over this time, he has developed his career specialising in the interaction of personal and corporate tax matters and advising entrepreneurs who operate across a variety of industry sectors. He joined the firm’s management committee three years ago and has been shadowing Nilesh since accepting his new role a few months ago.
Nilesh explained: “When I started at Blick Rothenberg in 1990 I was confident that I had joined a firm with the right culture, both to develop my skills and pursue my professional career. As the firm has grown over the last 30 years, we have seen change in many ways, moving from a traditional partnership to corporate ownership, retirement of older senior partners, my appointment as CEO and the merging of four firms in to the Blick Rothenberg family.

“The challenges thrown up by COVID-19 have made these last few months difficult for all, but I believe that we have weathered the crisis well, continuing to successfully look after our people and clients.

“Over my time at the firm, and throughout this period of change, we have endeavoured to ensure our emphasis on culture, people and clients is not just maintained but continually improved. I believe I have been able to contribute to and enhance this culture, ensuring that none of us lose sight of the fact that our colleagues, private clients and those behind our corporate clients are all individuals.

“I am confident that the transition of Nimesh to his new role of CEO will be similarly as smooth and that I am leaving the firm safe in the hands of a team that not only upholds but lives our values. Whilst I will be moving on to new challenges, my desire for, and interest in, the continuing success of the firm remain, and I will be close at hand as I have taken an advisory role with our parent company."