Bosch & van Rijn a part of Flynth

Published on February 02, 2021

Bosch & van Rijn a part of Flynth: continue growing together!

As per 1 January, Bosch & van Rijn has been acquired by Flynth. Bosch & van Rijn’s mission is to contribute to a responsible growth of renewable energy in The Netherlands. Its advisors work with all aspects of renewable energy policy and projects. Bosch & van Rijn supports project developers and energy cooperatives in obtaining permits for their projects, from the first idea until the definitive granting of the permit. The advisors are involved in energy yield calculations, financial analyses, spatial planning, permit management, landscape integration, ecology, environmental research, communication, participation and more.

Furthermore, Bosch & van Rijn advises all levels of governments on policy development and stakeholder management for renewable energy, for example for a number of regional energy strategies. The bureau is among the leading firms in the world of renewable energy and therefore has great impact on the sustainability of the Dutch energy system.

With the acquisition of Bosch & van Rijn, Flynth is fulfilling its sustainability ambitions. The experience and network of Bosch & van Rijn is a great addition to Flynth’s expertise in de domains of fiscal, legal, financing and subsidies. Together we can offer a broader mix of knowledge and services to our clients. Flynth and Bosch & van Rijn want to advance the energy transition in cooperation with governments, project developers and cooperatives.

The previous shareholders are satisfied with the acquisition by Flynth:

‘’Bosch & van Rijn and Flynth are a good fit because synergy can develop between the experience and dedication of the Bosch & van Rijn team and the financial expertise and substantial network of Flynth. New and existing clients will continue to profit from specialised, professional and independent advice for the realisation of more sustainable energy in the Netherlands’’ (Geert Bosch and Ruud van Rijn).

Joost Overbeek  and Saskia Moolhuijzen are responsible for the management.  They are ready to build on and expand Bosch & van Rijn together with the existing team and to make the cooperation with Flynth a success.

Cross-border projects
Bosch & van Rijn has already been acting on behalf of foreign investors of sustainable energy in the Netherlands. If there is a need for developing business plans regarding sustainability projects for other BKR partners we are available to assist.

Saskia Moolhuijzen 

Joost Overbeek