Promotions in Argus Audit

Published on January 29, 2021



Argus Audit promotions

January 25,2021

Argus Audit is pleased to announce the promotion of Roxana Niculai as Accounting Director.

Roxana, being with Argus Audit for past 12 years, has shown excellent performance, dedication and commitment to our clients and to our team of professionals leading the Accounting Division.

Gladly, we announce also our colleague Alin Stan was promoted as Audit & Information System Director.

Alin has been with Argus Audit for 13 years and has contributed greatly to his role as Senior Auditor and Audit & Information System Manager, leading our Audit Division, serving international clients present and active in Romania.

We are confident that they will continue to consistently exceed the expectations of our customers and we are wishing them best of luck and good inspiration as leaders with their new role.