SFC (Paris) Creates New Department Specializing in Business Consulting

Published on November 21, 2019

ADDENS, a specialized department of SFC Group, was created in order to answer the growing needs of companies that must continually face new obligations and adapt their organization to continue their development.

ADDENS puts its experts at the service of the organization, and the legal and financial compliance of companies. Its objectives: to organize and secure the activities of company heads, and to be with them to support the development of their structure.

ADDENS expertise includes:

  • Audit of the company's insurance contracts (internal control system);
  • Financial compliance (reliable audit trail and “FEC file,” which means “computerized accounting entries file”);
  • Optimization of procedures and administrative process; and
  • Insurance and wealth management (support and global audit of organization, procedures, and compliance measures)

Find all the information related to the new ADDENS department on the SFC website: https://www.groupesfc.fr/cabinet-expertise/nos-expertises/conseil-d-entreprise_177.